Attalaki’s Capacity Building Initiative

At the heart of Attalaki’s mission lies the provision of essential tools and skills necessary for navigating the complex pathways of social change. Acknowledging the diverse challenges faced by human rights advocates, including those related to religious freedom, Attalaki has launched targeted capacity-building programs from 2022 to 2026. These programs prioritize robust organizational management, covering critical areas such as financial stewardship, human resource management, proposal writing, project management, and effective communication.

This commitment is manifested through various projects, including the “Pour une Tunisie sans Discrimination” initiative, which primarily focuses on Attalaki’s eight focal points. Strategically operating across eight focal points spanning Tunisian regions, Attalaki aims to enhance the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of its operations

Equipping participants with these indispensable skills empowers them to articulate their visions effectively, secure essential funding and support, and adapt and flourish in dynamic environments, thereby ensuring the long-term sustainability of their initiatives.

“Project Design skills are an important step for each association or activist to create initiatives that have an impact on civil society”

Yassine Farhat, Capacity building Consultant 

Attalaki stands firm in its belief in investing in the empowerment of young activists and youth-led organizations, recognizing it as a vital strategy for strengthening democratic principles and fostering increased civic engagement

Learn more with Yassin Farhat as he delve into the importance of project design and capacity building for civil society actors:

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