The public relations officer of the Attalaki Organization is visiting the United Kingdom.

Ghassen Ayari, Public Relations and Partnerships Manager at Attalaki, recently undertook a visit to the United Kingdom with the primary objective of enhancing collaboration with both UK and Anglican Decision-makers in advancing the agenda of freedom of religion and belief (FoRB), while reinforcing cooperation in this regard.

The visit commenced with a meeting with H.E Reverend Anthony Ball, the newly appointed Anglican – Episcopal Bishop of North Africa. Discussions revolved around the situation of the Anglican church and community in Tunisia, identifying potential new areas of collaboration.

Ghassen engaged with UK institutions and governmental officials, including a visit to the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), where he met with Fiona Bruce, the UK Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for FoRB, as well as David Burrowes, Deputy Special Envoy. Additionally, he conducted a visit to the Houses of Parliament, engaging in dialogues with Members of Parliament (MPs) from both chambers and parties. Insights and perspectives on the current landscape of FoRB domestically were exchanged, and challenges were identified and explored avenues for joint initiatives to address them effectively, capitalizing on positive past and current dynamics.

Tunisia holds rich potential for the preservation of its precious cultural and religious heritage sites, with opportunities to develop religious and cultural tourism. Iconic sites such as Carthage’s archeological sites, mosques, churches, and synagogues hold global historic significance in numerous regions of the country. With enhanced attention to their maintenance, promotion, and touristic offerings, they could attract both local and international tourists,.

It was reaffirmed during the visit that the fundamental right to freedom of religion is a cornerstone of stable, flourishing societies. The exercise of this right is at the core of human dignity and serves as an important means of safeguarding democratic values.

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