Attalaki’s releases its annual report on religious freedom in Tunisia 2022.

Attalaki's releases its annual report on religious freedom in Tunisia 2022

The Attalaki Organization has unveiled its second annual report concerning discrimination against religious minority groups in Tunisia. This comprehensive report, meticulously assembled by the Religious Freedom Committee, builds upon the groundbreaking initial Religious Freedom Report published in 2021. The inaugural report shed light on the overall landscape of religious freedom and illuminated instances of discrimination faced by members belonging to religious minority communities within Tunisia.

The initial report’s significance was profound, as it marked a pioneering effort within both Tunisia and the wider region. Its scope encompassed a thorough documentation of violations and prejudiced acts directed at religious minorities. It brought into focus the systematic discrimination these groups experience, underscoring the marginalization of their rights from both a legal and societal perspective.

The most recent report delves even deeper, specifically scrutinizing cases of discrimination that have been directed at religious minority groups during 2022. Additionally, it investigates incidents of hate speech and discrimination disseminated through diverse channels, including religious leaders, associations, and media platforms. These instances were meticulously documented by the Observation and Follow-up Unit of the Religious Freedom Committee, with valuable input from local contacts distributed throughout Tunisia.

This report strives to cultivate a more inclusive societyand assumes a role in advocating for transformative change. It accentuates the imperative for heightened awareness, systemic transformation, and the establishment of dependable mechanisms to monitor and redress discrimination against religious minority groups.

«The Religious Freedom Committee, acting within Attalaki organization, prepared this report in the framework of the Project entitled “For a Tunisia without Discrimination”. This Project is implemented by Attalaki organization, Mnemty Association, and Minority Rights Group International.»

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