A Delegation from “Attalaki” Organization Visits MECC in Beirut

A Delegation from “Attalaki” Organization Visits MECC in Beirut

With the aim of enhancing cooperation and joint work, Mr. Massoud Hafnaoui, President and Co-Founder of “Attalaki” organization in Tunisia, and Ms. Roua Tlili, Assistant Program Coordinator at the organization, visited the offices of the Middle East Council of Churches’ General Secretariat in Beirut, on Thursday 11 May 2023. They were received by the MECC Secretary General Dr. Michel Abs.

During the meeting, the attendees talked about the general situation in the Arab region and the most prominent challenges of its people. They also discussed ways of cooperation, especially in the fields of dialogue and civil peace, in addition to some issues related to interaction between civilizations, cultures and religions within the framework of developing dialogue, solidarity and social cohesion.

Moreover, the attendees agreed to hold future meetings in order to evolve ways of cooperation and coordination through new activities and programs.

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