Attalaki’s meeting with the Minister of Education Dr. Fethi Sellaouti

Attalaki's meeting with the Minister of Education Dr. Fethi Sellaouti

The Public Relations and Partnerships officer of Attalaki organization, Ghassen Ayari, accompanied by Dr. Sabrine Jlassi and Roua Tlilli, assistant Program Coordinator, met with Dr. Fethi Sellaouti, Tunisian Minister of Education at the Ministry, where Attalaki presented to the minister a copy of a policy paper addressing the Tunisian educational system, in addition to the outputs related to Attalaki’s activities related to educational field in Tunisia.

Attalaki’s representatives presented the project “Diversité, cinéma documentaire, et education” providing an overview of the different outcomes of the documentary short film that was produced between 2021 and 2022. These short documentary films were a unique opportunity for young Tunisians to visit historical, cultural, and religious sites, which aims to make them aware of the diverse cultural heritage of their country.

Dr. Sellaouti expressed his support and willingness to reinforce cooperation with civil society organizations to strengthen state pedagogical efforts on topics related to inclusive citizenship and universal values.

A second meeting took place in the Ministry with Mr. Lassaad Chouchane, Chargé de Mission and Responsible for Relations with CSOs, where general aspects related to potential joint activities were discussed and a partnership agreement was presented to Attalaki.

By: Basma Maria,

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