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The path towards achieving real citizenship passes through an educational program, not to be a slogan raised or codified in administrative and procedural systems, but rather it must be an integrated system of rights and duties, pushing towards effective social participation for all members of society in public life in the light of respect for values common where human rights are respected, their dignity is preserved, and their voice is heard without exclusion or discrimination. In order to achieve this goal, Attalaki has been working for years on the issue of citizenship through projects and focus groups in many regions in Tunisia, given that it is a fundamental and important issue that requires continuous work and effort with all social actors side by side with state institutions so as to have a well-established culture in people’s minds And a daily act practiced by the individual and the state.

The inclusion of youth in the social movement is an absolute priority today in order to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of building the foundations of peaceful coexistence and spreading a culture of human rights within their regions and contributing to the manufacture of programs that promote a culture of citizenship and democracy and confront extremism. Since the establishment of Attalaki, the presence of youth has been prominent in all the activities and programs that are implemented, in addition to opening the way for young capabilities of both sexes to launch and manage initiatives that contribute to creating a community environment incubating diversity that rejects extremism and hatred. Youth have an important role in reducing the manifestations of violence and hatred and consolidating the concept of citizenship side by side with the rest of the actors within society, by involving them and motivating them to renounce violence and promote social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Our programs include the most marginalized areas where young people are most vulnerable to being polarized by extremists and advocates of hate.

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