Attalaki hosts a meeting of a group of religious leaders

On Wednesday, Attalaki office hosted Dr. Ali Al-Moussawi, Secretary-General of the International Council for Religious and Humanitarian Dialogue in Oslo, who visited Tunisia.

This meeting was attended by distinguished figures: Father Frank Bernardi, Dean of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Tunis; Rabbi Daniel Cohen, pastor of the Jewish Synagogue in La Goulette; Sheikh Ahmed Salman, Director of the Ahl al-Bayt Center for Research and Studies; and Professor Ridha Belhassan, member of the media office of the Baha’i in Tunisia.

The meeting was an opportunity for the attendees to talk about issues of religious diversity and pluralism in Tunisia and the Arab region. Attalaki’s president gave a general idea of the organization’s work, partnership and projects, stressing that Attalaki stands at the same distance from all religious and intellectual components in Tunisia, and that its goal is to raise the issue of comprehensive citizenship that incubates diversity, rejecting all forms of discrimination, hatred, fanaticism and violence, defending religious freedom in particular and individual freedoms in general, making the voice of religious minorities heard, and supporting religious and intellectual dialogue that advances human awareness for the better.

There was also a discussion about the possibility of holding a conference in Tunisia that would bring together religious and secular leaders for dialogue on important issues, including climate change and combating extremism, under the auspices of the International Council for Religious and Humanitarian Dialogue and the World Council of Churches, and supervised by the Attalaki organization with its local partners.

This meeting was attended by Omaima Trabelsi, Legal Adviser to Attalaki, and Mr. Anis Larousi, an activist and religious researcher.

By Oumaima Trabelsi
Legal Adviser to Attalaki