In March 2021, Attalaki had a partnership with Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) to implement “Amena” project with the slogan « For a conscious and responsible religious leadership ».

This project is the result of dialogue sessions between actors in religious affairs and civil society focused on the extent of hate speech on social media platforms and its impact on large segments of society, especially young people, aware of the need to raise awareness of the importance of understanding and analyzing mechanisms for conflict resolution and mutual dialogue through launching a high-quality training program, including religious workers, civil society, and marginalized groups.

This project was comprised of 4 training workshops  beneficiaries from both genders disaggregated as follows: 

  • Imams
  • Preachers
  • Religious studies teachers
  • Youth activists

The objectives of this training were to contribute to enriching the capacities of different actors in the field of religion in communication and rhetoric such as follows:

Mastery of argumentation techniques:

  • Aristotle’s triangle
  • The rhetorical tools of speech
  • Interview techniques

Conflict management:

  • Know yourself better to act better in conflict situations
  • Decipher the different types of conflicts
  • Manage and resolve conflicts effectively

Formulation of messages through social networks:

  • Social networks as a vector of our argument
  • Best practices on social networks

The total cost of the project is TND 88,000.