Coexistence Tour

Audiovisual production is important and capable of positive change within society, especially with regard to stereotypes about the different others. In this context, the meeting launched the Coexistence Tour project, which is working on producing a group of short films and sensibilization spots. The first awareness video, entitled “Tunisia Unites Us” was released in April 2021 with the support of the Observatory for the Defense of the Right to Difference, in which we highlighted coexistence and religious diversity in Tunisia through four religious leaders (Muslim, Christian, Jew and Baha’i).

In November 2021, a documentary film, entitled “Pilgrims in Tunis” was produced with the support of The Norwegian Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities. The short film is about a visit of a group of Tunisian youth to major religious landmarks in the suburbs of Tunis the capital (Al Zaytouna Mosque – St. George Anglican Church in Tunis – Synagogue La Goulette)  accompanied by religious leaders who provided them with information about the history of the landmarks and their historical and religious symbolism, highlighting the pivotal role of religion in public life, and activating the meanings of peace, brotherhood and peaceful coexistence through the discussion that the youth will have with them. In addition to highlighting and valuing the cultural and architectural diversity of the most important religious monuments in Tunisia. This documentary was selected to be shown at the International Festival of Inclusive Citizenship, Building Understanding and Interfaith Dialogue in Norway on December 7th, 2021, under the supervision of Mr. Fernand de Varennes, Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Secretary-General.