Let’s Talk about Religious Freedom

In early March, 2021, Attalaki was granted directly the first award to be given to a Tunisian NGO by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


This project “Let’s Talk about Religious Freedom”, which is being implemented by Attalaki in partnership with the US Agency for International Development, through which we will contribute to spreading awareness of the need to build a society more accepting and open to the different other and pushing towards dialogue as an important means to promote a culture of diversity and difference In a participatory framework that gives each of us the right to express his thoughts freely and within a safe space until we reach a stage of maturity and awareness that enables us to overcome our intellectual and ideological differences. On the other hand, we will shed light on the misconceptions about freedom of belief and religion at the legal and social level in Tunisia through a constitutional reading of the laws in force today, which in some aspects limit religious freedom, in addition to a sociological reading of the society’s view of religious or intellectual difference.

After one year of implementation of the project we have:

  • Trained 250 individuals from various backgrounds (religious minorities, students, professors, organizations, religious leaders) on the concept of religious freedom in its sociological and legal contexts.
  • Reached over 750,000 individuals in our social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of religious freedom.
  • Completed 9 workshop from the total of 12 which included the participation of 18 governorates

This project is awarded under USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative (NPI). NPI is a focused effort to diversify USAID’s partner base by breaking down barriers and enabling collaboration between new and underutilized organizations, including locally based organizations, and USAID.


The total cost of the project is $177,000 .